Spa Candles

Three Rivers Art Glass

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We created these beautiful hand poured soy candles as part of our collaboration with Hobo Candle Co. This unique line of votive candles combines the healing properties of color therapy with the health and mood improvements from aromatherapy. Our color and scent combinations interact to increase well-being.

Red: Cactus & Sea Salt  Green cactus mingled with clean ocean air, sea spray, driftwood with a base of sweet musk. Red is a powerful color that stimulates and energizes all of the senses.

Honey: Caramel Pipe Tobacco   Sultry tobacco leaves with creamy caramel, vanilla sugar, and patchouli leaves alongside warm spice and sheer musk. Yellow (honey) increases clarity of mind, improves creativity, and uplifts mood.

Cobalt Blue: Wood Sage & Sea Salt   Crushed sage, sea salt, mingling with woody earthiness. Blue is a cooling color that can calm strong emotions.

Teal: Northern Lights  White lilies, fresh ozone and tonka musk. Teal can evoke peace or harmony, improve communication, and promote self-confidence.

Emerald Green: Free Spirit   Exotic blend of frankincense and cedarwood with notes of patchouli, vanilla, and musk. Green is the most balancing of colors, representing nature and earth.

Violet: Relaxation  Awesome blend of sea salt, pink grapefruit, clary sage, lavender, sea grass, fir, and tonka bean. Purple is the color transformation, bringing spiritual awareness and renewal.

A low temperature wick lets these small 1.2 oz. candles burn for 4 hours

Add your own votive or tealight when the wax is gone