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Fused Glass

The basic idea behind fused glass is that art objects can be created by melting glass in a kiln. That simple idea is behind hundreds of techniques.

Unlike stained glass, fused glass has no “lead lines”. Dimensional (non-flat) pieces can be created by using techniques such as slumping, draping or casting.

Below are descriptions of several of the fundamental kilnformed glass techniques.

Basic Techniques

Fused: Two or more pieces of glass are placed in the kiln and heated until they fuse together into a single piece.

Slumped (or draped): Glass is placed over a mold and heated until it slumps into (or drapes over) the shape. Frequently the glass being slumped has design elements already fused to it.

Cast: The glass is melted so that it flows into a mold. There are many variations of glass casting, including lost wax and pate de verre. Cast glass objects are typically thick and dimensional.

The possibilities for the kiln artist are endless.

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