Gemini Taurus 3 Ringsaw

Three Rivers Art Glass


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Three Rivers Art Glass

Gemini Saw Co.

The Taurus 3 Ring Saw is an advanced shape cutting saw. You will find the patented Taurus 3 "Ring Saw" the most important key to unlocking your imagination and speeding you on your way to creating new and wonderful shapes never before possible.

All cuts on the Taurus Ring Saw can be made by moving the material forward, backward, left and right so rotation is not necessary. Diagonal directions are the strongest.

17 3/4" x 16" work surface.
5 5/8" throat depth.
1 1/2" throat height.
1/5 horse power motor.
110 volt

1 Standard Ring Blade (installed).
Integrated spot light.
Removable face shield.
1 Stabilizer Foot
1 Instructional DVD as well as a written instruction manual.

Bottom door ( soak bottom door in water before using to lubricate blade).
Thumb screw.
Bottom door clip.