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Repurposing Stained Glass

My latest project was to take the stained glass out of two old casement windows and turn them into hanging panels.  These windows were removed from a house on the old Pittsburgh Cut Flower property in Gibsonia, PA. and replaced with a new, more energy efficient window.  The homeowners wanted the stained glass to remain as a part of the house, so they contacted me.

I brought the windows to my shop and removed the leaded glass from the wooden casement frames.  The perimeter lead was cut back on both sides so I could add a 1/2″ zinc frame to stabilize the glass.  The zinc frame was not enough to strengthen the panel due to the design of the window.  I reinforced the sides of the frame with 1/8″ steel rods hidden inside the zinc channel for a more rigid panel.

After replacing several broken pieces of glass and repairing some crumbling lead work, some loops of braided wire were added to the frame for hanging purposes.  I also included the proper size and type of hooks to support the weight of these panels.

The design of these windows is historical to the property and the house.  I’m glad the homeowners realized this and I’m glad that I was able to repurpose the stained glass so it can remain a part of this home.


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