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New Location!

I am excited to announce that Three Rivers Art Glass is moving.  Our new location will be 810 Little Deer Creek Valley Road in Russellton.  This larger space will allow us to offer classes in both stained glass and glass fusing (jewelry and decorative items), sell art glass tools and supplies, and showcase displays of our bathroom and kitchen improvement projects.  We will offer some weeknight and Saturday hours for your convenience, and private small group workshops can be arranged.  Look for us in our new space in July andwere-moving stay tuned for more information about our grand opening celebration!

Website Update

The changes are in place and the website is updated!  Take a couple of minutes to check out the new products in the gallery.  “Product Info” provides descriptions of each category.  Browse the site to get some design ideas for your home or business.  Free in home estimates are always available, contact me to set up an appointment.  No project too big or too small.

Cabinet door project

I just finished this project, so I thought I would walk you through my process of installing glass in a cabinet door.  Adding glass to existing doors is a great way to update or to accent your kitchen cabinets. The glass can be a custom leaded panel, as shown, or a single piece of colored or textured glass.

The first step in the process is to take the doors off the cabinets, and remove any hardware such as hinges and handles.  Once the doors are at my shop, I begin by carefully cutting out the center panel.  After the panels are removed, I rout out the back of the door to create a “shelf” for the glass to fit in.

The next step is to build the leaded glass insert or to cut the glass of choice to the right size.

The final step is to install the glass into the cabinet door.  I use a color matched silicone sealant and glazing points or clips to insure a solid installation.  After a few days of curing time, the door is ready to be re installed on the cabinet.

Adding glass to update your cabinets is less disruptive and inconvenient, and more economical, than having them resurfaced or replaced.  Contact me to arrange an appointment for a free consultation to update your kitchen.



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