Monthly Archives: September 2015

My latest project

My latest project was to find a way to hide the glass block in this front entrance using only clear textured glass.  Challenging projects like this are my specialty.  I take pride in designing functional and beautiful windows.

The homeowner chose a design and I built a leaded glass panel using four different types of clear textured glass. This panel was attached to a blacked out piece of glass with a spacer filled with silica.  On the back of the blacked out glass I added another spacer that would eventually attach the whole unit to the glass block.

To install the unit I used a double sided glazing tape to stick the unit to the glass block.  The perimeter of the window was then sealed to the brick using a structural caulking.

In the end, after a couple of consultations and some excellent decisions by the homeowner this project turned out great. I’m ready for the next one, bring it on.





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